Biomethane station


Biomethane is one of the renewable energy source with great potential for development, for its production are sufficient organic materials from agriculture, food processing and waste management. Production takes place as well as biogas production - through anaerobic fermentation. The main difference is the subsequent treatment, biogas must be clean (removed various impurities, particularly H2S, water and carbon dioxide) and further adapted to natural gas quality (the proportion of 96-98% methane). For adjustment can be used a number of proven methods (PSA, absorption in liquids, chemical absorption ..).

In this form of biomethane can be already used, either in the existing infrastructure (alternative natural gas) or in the facilities using gas as an alternative fuel for vehicles (CNG properties identical with). 

Biomethane offers a variety of uses, the most common applications are:

- Injection into the network of natural gas distribution system (middle / high)

- The use of transport as an alternative fuel (same properties as CNG)

- Combined production of electricity and heat through combustion in the cogeneration unit

Biomethane can successfully fulfill the role of fully renewable substitute of natural gas and other fuels.


Biomethane station 

Technological equipment enabling through anaerobic fermentation production of biogas and after treatment and cleaning, methane production. Biomethane stations can be implemented in a variety of installed capacity, regarding the need for adjustment of the biogas are efficient biogas projects over 1 MW.

The BPS PROJECT CZ delivers complete technology of biomethane stations on a turnkey basis.